This webpage is dedicated to outing the bad people on Second Life.
We don't do the bullshit stuff that @badfurbgone and other shitty people do.
We have reasons why we list people here, we provide all the evidence we can gather, and we only post stuff here if it is affecting a majority of people on SL in a negetive way and LL is refusing to do anything about it.

IMPORTANT: Please read the documents fully and make the judgement yourself. Do not let us influence your decisions. Please decide for yourself if said person is bad or not.
IMPORTANT #2: Do NOT, under any circumstances, HARASS or GRIEF said people. This will only negetively impact what we are trying to do(AKA: Get them to stop, or get LL to do something about it). These people are not worth getting your account banned.

Q: Is this allowed or in violation of SL's ToS?
A: This is a off-site service and I have made assumptions of these values. Linden Lab does not control or endorse these files. So yes it is perfectly legal.
A: Please see my take down page, thank you for your time.
Q: Who runs this site?
A: If you really want to know, the answer is in the URL.
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